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our care team

At all our homes a continuous staff training programme is implemented, to ensure that extremely high standards are maintained in line with the latest developments in care practices.


The administrator is responsible for all of the administrative duties within the centre. If you have any financial queries the administrator will be happy to assist you with them. The administrator will send out the invoices and take responsibility for arranging and monitoring people’s personal allowances. Please feel free to contact them regarding any financial queries.

Qualified Nursing Team

Our team of qualified nurses will be led by the assistant manager.  As part of the admission process they will discuss with the person involved and their next of kin, (if wanted or needed) the plan of care.  This will ensure that the care received has been agreed by all parties.  Any changes to this agreed plan of care, will be discussed with the person themselves and next of kin.

The Care Staff

All our care assistants follow a structured induction and foundation programme, which meets the Skills for Care requirements. Many of our care assistants have previous experience of working in the care field.  The care assistants work alongside and under the guidance of the trained staff.  We aim to employ care staff trained to National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in care, but where this is not possible we will endeavour to train them as soon as possible, to achieve at least 50% of the staff group with NVQ level 2, with further opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

The Kitchen Staff

Our head chef works five days a week, on their days off our second chef will be on duty. If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding the menu's, please do not hesitate to discuss them with the chef or manager who will be happy to answer your questions.

Activities Co-ordinators

We have employed a full time activity co-ordinator who is responsible for organising group and individual sessions, based upon meaningful activities and promoting people's feeling of well-being and individual choice.

The activity co-ordinator will meet every person moving into the centre and spend time finding out as much as possible about their aims and aspirations, as well as what interests them, so that the programme is personalised.  All of the staff recognise that providing something to look forward to and engage in is not just the responsibility of the activity co-ordinator, but everyone's concern so that we can provide a happy and positive atmosphere. Our staffing levels will always allow for some spontaneous social care and trips out.

We also encourage people to continue being part of their community and so regularly arrange trips out into the local town.  Entertainers will also be coming into the centre to provide musical and singing sessions.

Other Members of the Team

Our maintenance person will be responsible for carrying out maintenance and general repairs of the building.  They will be very happy to help you personalise your room.

Our laundry/domestic staff are responsible for the day to day cleaning of resident's clothes and to ensure that their accommodation and the communal areas are kept clean and tidy.

Although all members of staff have a role within the care centre, we place a very strong emphasis on teamwork.